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The Atlas Difference

At Atlas Elementary, we instill a love of learning while empowering our students to build a healthy future for themselves, our community, and the world. We leverage the unique resources of our city to provide unforgettable learning opportunities for our kids. Our school model is designed to ensure that our students are academically exceptional, creative and critical thinkers, lifelong learners, culturally competent citizens, well-rounded individuals, and collaborative team members. What makes us different?

  • Two instructors in every classroom to provide added personal instruction.
  • Instructors who are here to stay. Since we opened, we're proud to have had a 95% teacher retention rate every year.
  • We're the only year-round elementary school in the city with opportunities for programming available for students during our school breaks.
  • Our Math lessons are taught by math specialists beginning in Kindergarten, something generally not available until middle or high school.
  • We're committed to authentic, joyful, hands-on learning to bring students joy through discovery.
  • We're centrally located with access to some of the city’s best resources.
  • We are public, free, and open to all St. Louis city residents regardless of ability, need, or zip code!